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Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide: An Intuitive WWW Resource Guide for Synthetic Organic Chemists
1  Molecular Diversity Preservation International (MDPI), Saengergasse 25, CH-4054 Basel, Switzerland

Abstract: The use of computers in organic laboratories is not as straightforward as in other chemistry disciplines. After all, the synthesis of organic compounds is more then a few mouse clicks away. Generally speaking, the need of organic chemists for using bits and bytes stops after mastering word processing and chemical drawing programs. In this respect, the arrival of the Internet is intriguing. It opens a window of opportunities but practicing organic chemists are hard to convince how this new technology can help them achieving their goals. The impressive amount of information is both a blessing and burden. An attempt to find an answer to a specific question is most of the time accompanied by an inefficient use of the researchers� time sieving through unrelated/irrelevant site
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