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Synthesis of Functionalized Chiral Ammonium, Imidazolium and Pyridinium-based Ionic Liquids Derived from (-)-Ephedrine Using Solvent-Free Microwave Activation. Applications for the Asymmetric Michael Addition
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1  University Paris-Sud

Abstract: An efficient procedure for the synthesis of functionalized chiral ammonium, imidazolium and pyridinium-based ionic liquids derived from (1R, 2S)-ephedrine using solvent-free microwave activation has been described. Good yields were obtained in very short reaction time. These chiral ionic liquids were used as chiral reaction media for the asymmetric Michael addition, giving good yields and moderate enantioselectivities.
Keywords: Functionalized chiral ionic liquids, (-)-Ephedrine, microwave activation, Asymmetric Michael addition