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Synthesis and Properties of Polyacetylene Liquid Crystals Containing Perfluorinated Alkyl Chain
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1  College of Chemistry and Materials Science, Sichuan Normal University, Chengdu, 610066, China

Abstract: Liquid crystal monomers and polymers containing fluorinated alkyl chain have been prepared. The polymerization initiated by [Rh(nbd)Cl]2 has afforded the products in moderate to high yields. The molecular weight of polymers has been measured with gel permeation chromatography (GPC), the results show that the transition metal catalyst in THF/Et3N solvent system gives the best results for the polymerization. Monomers and polymers are characterized by IR and 1HNMR, and the liquid crystalline properties are evaluated by using POM, DSC and TGA. The results show that the monomers with fluorinated chain and polymers show SmA phase. The fluorinated polymers possess higher clearing points and broader mesophases than the alkyl chain polymers.
Keywords: conjugated polymers; polyacetylenes; liquid crystals; liquid-crystalline polymers; SmA phase; fluorophobic effect; microsegregation