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Photocatalytic Removing of Methylene Blue by Using of Cu-Doped ZnO, Ag-doped ZnO and Cu, Ag-codoped ZnO Nanostructures
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1  Department of Chemistry, Iran University of Science and Technology

Abstract: In this study, ZnO nanorods, Silver- and copper-doped ZnO nanorods and silver, copper-doped ZnO nanorods were prepared by a simple precipitation technique. The photocatalysts were characterized by various techniques such as XRD, SEM and FT-IR. The influence of dopants content on the optical properties was investigated. It has been found that the Ag or Cu doping leads to the optical band gap narrowing. Then the potential of the obtained photocatalysts were studied on degradation of methylene blue dye under UV and visible irradiation.
Keywords: Cu and Ag doped ZnO, photocatalyst, nanorods, Methylene blue