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Energy Efficient Materials for Sustainable Building
1  Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science

Abstract: As the population growth increases day by day building construction is also increasing. Most of the energy is consumed in buildings through various sources. One such source is the electricity. Finally it affects human health as well as wealth in lot of ways. The focus on the present paper is using the energy efficient materials such as solar cells with super capacitors and efficient lighting materials in buildings. Therefore the approach of the sustainable development in building is attained.
Keywords: Building, Energy, Solar cells, Super capacitors and Lighting materials.
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Akin C
power materials
For sustainable development, Energy efficient materials pays way for making friendly relationship with our nature. Power materials such as soler cells and supercapacitors supports the growth of nature.
PURE air PURE living

Akin C
Piezo electric material is a type of smart material which is energy efficient for sustainable buildings.
Piezo electric materials when subjected to stress it generates electric charge. This application is used in speed breaker where it gives energy to the signals.