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The Entropy Conundrum: A Solution Proposal
1  Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Abstract: In 2004, University of Michigan physicist Mark Newman, along with biologist Michael Lachmann and computer scientist Cristopher Moore, showed that if electromagnetic radiation is used as a transmission medium, the most information-efficient format for a given 1-D signal is indistinguishable from blackbody radiation. Since many natural processes maximize the Gibbs-Boltzmann entropy, they should give rise to spectra indistinguishable from optimally efficient transmission. In 2008, computer scientist C.S. Calude and physicist K. Svozil proved that "Quantum Randomness" (QR) is not Turing computable. While "true randomness" is a mathematical impossibility, the certification by value indefiniteness ensures that the quantum random bits are incomputable in the strongest sense. Algorithmic random sequences are incomputable, but the converse implication is false. In 2013, Politecnico di Milano academic scientist R.A. Fiorini confirmed Newman, Lachmann and Moore's result, creating analogous example for 2-D signal (image), as an application of CICT in pattern recognition and image analysis. Paradoxically if you don't know the code used for the message you can't tell the difference between an information-rich message and a random jumble of letters. This is an entropic conundrum to solve. Since its conception, scientific community has been laying itself in a double-bind situation. Even the most sophisticated instrumentation system is completely unable to reliably discriminate so called "random noise" (RN) from any combinatorially optimized encoded message, which Fiorini called "deterministic noise" (DN). Entropy fundamental concept crosses so many scientific and research areas, but, unfortunately, even across so many different disciplines, scientists have not yet worked out a definitive solution to the fundamental problem of the logical relationship between human experience and knowledge extraction. So, both classic concept of entropy and system RN should be revisited deeply at theoretical and operational level. A convenient solution proposal will be presented.
Keywords: Entropy; statistical mechanics; reversibility; quantum mechanics