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The Study of the Individual Values of CEOs in the Light of CSR
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2  Károly Róbert College, Institute of Business Sciences, Hungary

Abstract: In the last few decades, especially since the 1990s, the CSR and business ethics have become important issues. The relevance of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) can be detected in the business and management trainings. Economic and corporate ethics, environment management, and sustainable management gained momentum in education but it is a real concern whether it is appreciated in SMEs. The real practice depends on the behaviour of the organisation and the socially responsible attitude of the leader as the leader is the determining factor in the operation of any organization.There have been several researches carried out regarding corporate social responsibility in recent years, the results were published in specialist journals and periodicals. There are researches dealing with the correlation between individual values and business life (Agle és Calwell, 1999), however, the number of those researches that deal with specifically the relation between the practice of CSR and the individual values of corporate leaders (Koivula, 2008) are small at international level. There are not many researches dealing with the management attitude of the CEO. The study deals with a segment of CSR that is the study of the correlation the CSR-practice and the personal values and attitudes of the corporate leaders.In the present research was identified many values (universalism, benevolence, self-direction) of the CEOs which are influence the CSR-practice. The examined characteristics may carry important information from the point of view of social responsibility. The findings of the research show the exact values and their priorities to a CSR-centred leader. It also introduces the dominant values of the leaders with modern CSR approach.
Keywords: corporate social responsibility, individual value, CEOs, SMEs