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Treatment of Dye-Loaded Wastewater with Activated Carbon from Date Palm Leaf Wastes
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1  Department of Chemical Engineering, UAE University
2  Department of Chemical Engineering, United Arab Emirates University
3  Department of Chemistry, United Arab Emirates University
4  Department of Applied Chemical Sciences, Jordan University of Science & Technology
5  Department of Chemistry, UAE University

Published: 11 November 2014 by MDPI in The 4th World Sustainability Forum session Sustainable Engineering and Science
Abstract: The adsorption of three different dyes on similarly derived carbon materials from date palm leaves was studied. The adsorption kinetics and equilibrium data were investigated based on dyes adsorption tests. The break-through time was noted with a UV-VIS spectrometer to determine the maximum capacity of the date-palm leaf derived carbon material. The types of surface groups present on the carbon surface of the activated date palm leaf derived material were studied. Also, the adsorption will be carried out by dynamic process in a flow-through column and the dynamic adsorption capacity and breakthrough curve were determined.
Keywords: Adsorption; dye; activated carbon; agricultural waste; water treatment