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Universal Sustainability Code of Country Development as an Intelligent Stochastic Net
1  Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

Abstract: The paper analyses the following problem: how to create a stochastic net of intelligent solutions for compliancy of existing interests, possibilities and disposable resources' allocations while developing the strategy for nurturing universal sustainability of a middle-size country that does not possess abundant natural resources and, as a result, can use mainly intellectual resources while nurturing its own development.Why the universal sustainability category is used? Firstly, the UN, EU and a number of other global organizations and forums began to actively use the concept of universal sustainability in the analysis and projection of perspective. Secondly, the scientists and practitioners also resolutely search for adequate categories to distinguish the modern development processes, as well for valid theoretical solutions based on advanced development experience and scientifically-based development possibilities, as well as on adequate objectives and development models.Globalization has revealed a set of indispensable features of perspective and at the same time has emphasized the fact that orientation of the past and future towards certain development values and models could be inadequate to the well-being of civilization quality and longevity. The system of scientific knowledge, innovation and technologies as a tool of intelligence and means of showing where and how the civilization should develop vaguely undertakes the solutions for many recent political, social, humanitarian, ecological and other problems influencing the quality of civilization. Moreover, the optimization of value structure of training the powers of integral cluster of knowledge, innovation and technologies demands greater attention. Otherwise inexhaustible guarantee of civilization nurturing will become economically inaccessible with regard to many aspects of civilization preservation. The paper aims at thorough analysis of theoretical viewpoint towards small countries' universal sustainability development, inventorying the best practice of the separate development subsystems' universal sustainability. On this basis a stochastic network model of country development universal sustainability code should be formed, matching development interests, possibilities and disposable resources' allocation, and it should possess all the characteristics of complex adaptive systems.
Keywords: Universal sustainability; development code; integral cluster of scientific knowledge; innovation and technologies; stochastic net of intelligent solutions