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Smart City for Creative Workplace
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1  Sung Kyun Kwan University

Abstract: The importance of creative places to promote human creative activity in the knowledge-based society. Leading to the creation of high value-added innovation by creative ideas are being continuously expanded. Facilitating the flow of creative places contributes to the expression of creative innovation and industry. Thus, the composition of the creative place is the core competitiveness of enterprises and cities. In the world's major companies and cities have a work space that can maximize creativity, places, and focuses on the composition of the city. In particular, creating an environment that promotes the creative activities of employees through the creation of a new workplace in the center of a knowledge-based businesses contributes to induce the development of innovative technologies and products has continued. Theoretical Background and place to lead the world in patent production on the basis of international trends, the world's leading companies are selected in each sector of the creative knowledge industries. They are a representative of the Institute, including basic science into practice, non-physical environment. The study proceeds to an analysis of cases divided by the physical environment of the workplace. In the case of non-physical environment, to research and analyze the industry-supported environmental aspects related infrastructure. In the case of the physical environment, they are analyzed the location and place enemy infrastructure to support the exchange of creative class. Through the analysis of case studies to create a business environment that emphasis on education, culture, communication, exchange and integration for creative composition, derived the common features that create a place that is not my plan to induce cooperative building.
Keywords: smart city, workplace, creative