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New sustainable urban design strategies for the Beijing region's most extensive green, compact city: Case study of Bohai innovation city
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1  SOM Chicago
2  Chonnam National University

Abstract: Recently released China New Urbanization Plan (2014-2020) encourages creating a transit-oriented, compact city that creates a new model for sustainable, livable city design. It includes infrastructures and plans for utilization of existing natural assets, responsibly high-density, green, and park centered community. The purpose of this study is to understand new sets of urban design strategies and technologies by reviewing the framework for environmental sustainability, smart transportation system and livability of residence. The study will explore this new sustainable urban development model by focusing on the Bohai Innovation City in China.   The Bohai project is a strategic advancement in the policy of building one of the world's most powerful economic regions, the Bohai Rim. It is a major step in the development of the Beijing-Tianjin international business corridor. And it is a logical, organic expansion of the national capital's rapidly growing metropolitan economy. The proposal for Beijing Bohai Innovation City leverages numerous existing assets, infrastructures and plans to create an exciting and attractive new international district that will be a global showcase of environmental and economic balance in a responsibly high-density and green community designed to encourage human development and commercial innovation. Its strategic location at the first stop of the high speed intercity rail line, along with its highway and transit connections, puts all the region's advanced resources within the quick and convenient reach of the new city. From the cutting edge technologies developed by the world's leading companies, to the districts and neighborhoods in which they settle, to the high-tech urban infrastructure by which they are serviced, the master plan of Bohai project embraced innovative sustainable technologies as a showcase of new urban development in China including the Beijing region's most extensive storm water bio filtration system.   The study will explore the following aspects; the strategies for Smarter Growth, Comprehensive Transit Connectivity, Compact Walkable Core, Connected Neighborhoods, Integrated Natural Systems, and High Performance Urban Design.
Keywords: sustainable urban design, smart transportation, livability, Bohai Innovation City