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Subversion and Reconstruction: "Cultural Feedback" in the Information Society - The Empirical Study of China's Urban Youth Life
1  associate professor, nanjing normal university


In this paper, I attempt to identify and describe the "cultural feedback"  in the information society that tie together with China’s urban youth life in such fields as material, system, behavior, thoughts, I briefly discuss some of the more recent changes ,particularly in the life-style, and suggest some lines for future research .

 Cultural structure , can be divided into "material, system, behavior, thoughts" four levels.
Among them, the culture of material refers to the sum of human material production activities and products, including people's food, clothing, shelter, trip , etc.
The cultural of system refers to the people in the social practice to establish the specification of the behavior and adjust the relationship between the criteria.
The culture of behavior refers to people’s habits and customs forming from the social activities.
The cultural of thoughts refers to people's social mentality and social ideology, including people's values, aesthetic taste and way of thinking, etc. 

Traditional society follows the "Mentor-Mentee Program ", the social members sharing values, knowledge system, make-a-living skills and way of life passing on generation after generation, "Mentor-Mentee Program "is the basic way of accumulation for culture and civilization. Cultural feedback, is a new way in which the younger generation gives the lessons to the older generation in the culture, education and demonstration. 

Today, China is going into the information age. With the help of material change and update, the working range of "cultural feedback" is very wide, directly going into the everyday life of the Chinese people, it changes the people identity with the values, reconstruct the life attitude of the Chinese people and the social behavior patterns.

On the culture of material in China, the information age is subverting the traditional Chinese pattern of material production activities, such as the "food, clothing, shelter, trip" mode. The advent of the computer, is the Waterloo to the older generation. The older generation of Chinese people,just know a little about almost all of the appliances ,using a few of the most simple operation. And the younger generation, is almost synchronous growth of generation and computer development. The network shopping, has become a new choice to China's young people. 11.11 Shopping Festival is a typical representative of the information society in contemporary China. The boom and development of the E-Business in China , become the witness of the prosperity of the information age. 

On the culture of system in China, young people participate in social practice through the network. Through their claims, they establish a new code of conduct demonstrating to the older generation of Chinese, so as to reconstruct the contemporary Chinese rule of daily life. Traditional Chinese rural society, followed the pattern of difference sequence of association rules. In the network era, Chinese are overturning the traditional institutionalization of the honour his birthright pattern. A new communication mode, similar to the western democratic, has become the contemporary Chinese urban social principle. 

On the culture of behavior in China, the interpersonal habits and customs, are also gradually becoming more open. For example in heterosexual contacts, science and technology improve the love, also destroy the love. " Fuck Buddies" has occurred in the China urban , completely subverting the traditional Chinese model of emotional. "MOMO ", becomes a tool for urban young men to find a " Fuck Buddies ". In 2014, A kind of "virtual lover" was sold on TAOBAO , a few dollars, giving a girlfriend or boyfriend on the phone, flirting, being cared and even renewing for years. ...... All this, it is a kind of cultural reconstruction. 

On the culture of thought in China, "decentralized" has become an unstoppable trend. In the past, the social "discourse power" was only for the older generation . Today, represented by mobile phone and  point-to-point communication, the " everyone has a microphone in hand " pattern has coming to the Chinese society, everyone is a communicator, as a result, the communication of traditional "one to many" gradually break down , young people are no longer controlled by their parents, but constantly pass new ideas to the older generation.

Facing the future, we have a new mission: to learn from our children. With more equal attitude, in the face of the younger generation, is a responsible attitude.

Keywords: cultural feedback,information society,China's urban youth life