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On the Human Life From a View of Data Philosophy
1  Hunan normal university


Civilization is always developing with the accurate cognition of human being about world and life, we can say the development of human civilization is the development of accuracy pursued by human being. However, along with the coming of the age of big data, the crisis of pursue of accuracy which come from scientific rationalism in modern times is more and more highlighted in front of us. The cognition of pursue of accuracy take the value and meaning of our life into a transparent dimensional society, it is destroying our nature of freedom. If the nature of freedom is based on the representation of the value and meaning of life, it is a deviation for us to walking on the road of pursuing accuracy by scientific rationalism. Now that the full digital memory is the pink of this deviation, we need to keep some kind of oblivion intentionally, and this kind of oblivion will leave us the last space for the variety of possible life in an irreversible possible Ubiquitous Age.

Keywords: data measure record compute oblivion