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The Constructive Approach of Informational Ontology and the Transform of Philosophical Notion - the Comparison to the Philosophy of Information of Simondon and Wu Kun
1  Xi'an Jiaotong University


As the foundational people of the philosophy of information in France and China, Gilbert Simondon and Wu Kun constructed the eminent informational ontology respectively. They both took their first steps from the study of ―Being as Reality‖, settled the foundation notion of systematic reality above all; then criticized and developed the basic problem of philosophy and the conception of information in the cybernetics from different orientation according to their own interesting ; both of naturalism, compared to Simondon, Wu Kun defined the essence of information more precisely, and described the abundant properties of it; based on the informational ontology, the transform of philosophical notion does not only reflect on Simondon’s idea of knowledge, but also take place in the whole philosophical system and even its history.

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Keywords: informational ontology; reality; information; philosophical notion; transform