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In Search of Wisdom in the ICT Society
1  Professor Emerita, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) Stockholm


As a short background Main changes in people´s lives – structures and roles, will be sketched. What changes are going on in the professional, private and citizen’s role? What is Quality of Life in the ICT society? What are the human aspects that are sensitive to the use of ICT – behavior, values, motivation, and feelings?

Convergence and acceleration are main processes at the interplay between technology, societal structure, organizational design, and human roles in the society. I will reflect on the convergence theory and discuss risks and opportunities in the 21st Century ICT society. Where are the “energy centers” that can activate and create changes towards “The Good Information Community” and “The Good Information Society”?

How can Wisdom be extracted - wisdom on various levels of analysis? What do voices from around the world tell us? How can agreements on Goals and Visions be achieved?

Co-mapping a possible Tree of Actions towards a good and sustainable society? Who are strategic stakeholders – passive and active/silent?

References and Notes

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Keywords: Convergence Theory, ICT, Quality of Life, Human Beings, Identity, Stress, Power, Wisdom, Actions