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Physicochemical Properties of Nanosized CuO-ZnO System as Being Doped With by Mg2+-Species Towards Acetone Formation From Isopropanol
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1  Prof. of physical chemistry
2  Lecturer of physical chemistry


Copper and zinc mixed oxides system having the formula 0.25 CuO/ZnO was prepared by coprecipitation method followed by calcination at 400 and 800 oC. This system was doped with MgO (0.75- 3 mol %). The techniques employed were XRD, EDX, N2-adsorption at -196 oC, H2O2 decomposition at 20-40 oC and conversion of 2-propanol at 100-275 oC. The obtained results revealed that the crystallite sizes and surface concentrations of the phases in nanosized CuO-ZnO oxide system were influenced by calcination temperature and MgO-doping.  Formation of MgO-CuO solid solution enhanced the splitting of CuO crystallites. Doping the investigated system calcined at 400°C with 1.5 mol % MgO increased its SBET (72%). The conversion of iso-propanol is improved by MgO treatment. The investigated solids behaved mainly as dehydrogenation catalysts yielding acetone.

Keywords: Nano materials; surface properties;, Doping, activity, selectivity.