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Sensor-Rich Smart Personal Photo Organization
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1  Caritas Institute of Higher Education


With the popularity of visual sensor on mobile devices, that is the cameras, it becomes a habit for many people to take photos everyday and everywhere.
This led to the rapid expansion in number of personal photos and becomes a problem to the users in storing and organizing them, which had not been faced before.
Fortunately, cloud storage provided a comprehensive solution at the right moment, and it facilitates the synchronization and sharing of photos acquired.
However, organizing this large number of personal photos is still a tedious and painful task.
Common needs in photo organization may include tagging, removing duplicated or similar photos, and grouping photos into albums.
In this paper, we target to provide a smart personal photo organizing application which make use of existing sensors and related technologies to help users to handle duplicated or similar photos more efficiently.
For example, photos can be sorted, reorganized or searched according to different information, like geographical, time or appearance, acquired from various sensors on the mobile device.
By harnessing the power of cloud computing for image analysis and face recognition algorithm, our system significantly reduce the time spent on managing photos in a neat and tidy way which reduce user frustration and enhance user experience.

Keywords: Senor-rich, Photo organization, Image analysis, Image Similarity