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Wearable monitoring of elderly in an ecologic setting: the SMARTA project
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1  Politecnico di Milano, Design Dept.


Since many senior citizens in nowadays choose to live alone, providing health care initiates to have its new challenges. Many examples demonstrated that in certain situations our senior citizens happen to be badly injured within their home and not capable of seeking a help. The work presented in this paper is a part of the SMARTA project focused on the wearable and environmental monitoring for the active aging. Sensorized garments and accelerometers fixed on the ground can implement an integrated sensor system for monitoring elderly indoor and outdoor for a smart house and a smart city.

The Wearable system consists in a sensorized garment in male and female version and coupled with a small electronic unit allows for the realization of a wearable system for non-intrusive monitoring of individual parameters characterizing the elderly and its physiological state in terms of health and well-being.

These sensory systems send data to a body/home gateway that redirects them to a center which concentrates data and implements the monitoring and intervention services.

A clinical trial is testing the reliability, the acceptability and the performance of the system for future implementation of new prevention services.

Keywords: Elderly monitoring, home care, wearable safety