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Low-cost magnetic resonance sensors for process monitoring in the food industry
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1  Nottingham Trent University


Low-cost magnetic resonance (MR) sensors have in recent years been used to investigate a number of systems by measuring the relaxation times T1 and T2eff. These values vary in line with changes in many systems giving the investigator a useful non-invasive probe. While the use of MR for in-line or on-line process monitoring in the food industry is not a novel concept, much of the work conducted previously has involved acquiring spatially resolved data which requires a magnetic resonance imaging system. These are both expensive to purchase and maintain, occupy large amounts of space and present problems with safety. In this work we show the value that a very inexpensive (<£100) MR sensor can bring to process monitoring. An MR sensor utilising an eight-element Halbach cylinder with internal diameter of 10mm has been constructed giving a highly uniform magnetic field yielding a strong signal-to-noise ratio. It is shown to be useful for assessing the relaxation times of a range of relevant samples.