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Domotics Project Housing Block
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1  Dpto. Tecnologia de la Edificacion (U.P.M.), Madrid, Spain


In Europe, as in the whole world, because of its construction, life cycle and demolition processes, the housing have turned into one of the big energy consumers, due to the ever rising demand of comfort conditions, technological features and innovative materials. It ecological fingerprint is noticeable, too. In a world increasingly compromised with sustainability, the technological development oriented to the improvement of living conditions coexists with that one oriented to decrease the energetic requirements of the houses.

Half way between both approaches, the home automation proposes the implementation of intelligent, connected and governed devices which, commanded by a common programming and the multiple interfaces for user interactions, allow the management of the house facilities. The objective is a housing which obtains a high auto-management degree, which become more comfortable and safe and, at the same time, with an improved energetic efficiency.

This document develops the study of an implementation project of a home automation system in a housing placed in the town of Galapagar, in Madrid. This house, which is going to be occupied by a four members family, consist of 67 constructed square meters distributed in lounge, kitchen, three bedrooms, bath, bathroom and terrace, being this a very common arrangement in Spain. So, this study will allow to extract conclusions about the adequacy of the home automation in a wide percentage of housings in Spain.

Along this document three house automation proposal where develop based on the requirements of the client and the different home automation levels that the Spanish House an Building Automation Association has established, besides two parallel proposals relating to the safety and the technical alarms. The above mentioned proposed systems are described by means of product datasheets and descriptions, distribution plans, measurements, budgets and flow charts that describe the functioning of the system in every case. An evaluation of each system is included, based on other studies conclusions on this matter, where it is evaluated the energetic saving that is expected from each one and, depending on the nowadays cost of light, water and gas, the expected economic amortization.

Keywords: Domotic; home automation.