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Baryon asymmetry as a stochastic result and implications for the time of baryogenesis
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1  Australian National University


We try to explain the known asymmetry between baryons and antibaryons in the observable universe as the result of random fluctuations in the number of baryons and antibaryons. The establishment of this asymmetry occurs at a poorly constrained time, before the epoch of baryon/antibaryon annihilation. The low initial gravitational entropy of the universe is due to this initial matter/antimatter asymmetry. The observed ratio of cosmic microwave background photons to baryons (~ one billion) is a measure of this asymmetry.  Different horizons render different probability distributions, all variants of a Gaussian centered at zero. Using the current levels of fluctuation witnessed in our particle horizon, along with the time evolution of the size and matter density of the universe, we estimate the time of baryogenesis.

Keywords: baryogenesis; cosmology; stochastic process