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Research on The Measure Method of Netizens Complaint Theme Influence for Public Decision-making
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1  School of Management, Hefei University of Technology, Hefei 230009, PR China;Key Laboratory of Process Optimization and Intelligent Decision-making, Ministry of Education, Hefei 230009, PR China
2  School of Management, Hefei University of Technology, Hefei 230009, PR China


Objective: This paper studies the measure method of netizens group complaint influence on certain theme on online social networks, in order to find out the themes and complainers that have influence on public decision-making and provide public policy decision-maker with theoretical basis and practical methods.

Context: More and more public complaint information about the formulation and implementation of public policy appears on online social networks. This complaints can easily lead to public safety issues through information gathering, frequently interaction, word-of-mouth communication and emotional resonance on online social networks and also bring confusion and challenges to the public policy decision-making organization.

Methods: On the basis of our previous studies on complaint text’s quality, transmission timeliness and user interaction degree, this paper introduces a new factor emotional resonance which is caused by the emergency and has an important impact on the complaint theme to built four-dimensional evaluation index system. We rebuild the dynamic influence measure model of online netizens complaint theme based on entropy weight model. The method is proved to be reasonable and effective based on the empirical research of Sina Weibo data.

Results: Four-dimensional dynamic influence measure model can effectively solve the measure problem of the netizens group complaint influence caused by the frequently interaction and emotional resonance. Meanwhile, it is found that the emergency which are not related to the complaint theme are difficult to induce emotional resonance, the degrees of emotional resonance  caused by different related emergencies are different .

Conclusions: The proposed four-dimensional dynamic influence measure model has important theoretical significance and practical value for public policy decision-maker on listening to online group complains, understanding public opinion, and making public policy.

Keywords: Online social networks;Complaint theme;Entropy model;Influence measure;Emotional resonance