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Fluorinated Nucleosides (Mini Review)
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In this mini review different methods for the preparation of base- and sugar-fluorinated nucleoside will be discussed and the use of different fluorinating agents will be briefly elaborated within the text.  Introduction of fluorine substituent into pyrimidine and purine nucleosides surely  lead to dramatic change in the over all chemical reactivity. In fact, there are many examples of the base- and sugar-fluorinated nucleosides that make a great impact on chemistry, biochemistry, and drug discovery.

Keywords: Nucleosides, fluorinated nucleosides, fluorinating agents.
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Humbert G. Díaz
Are there nucleosides or carbanucleosides fluorinated at anomeric carbon?
Dear Prof. Elzagheid

Thank you by your contribution to mol2net. By the way.
Are there nucleosides or carbanucleosides fluorinated at anomeric carbon?
A fluor atom attached directly to the carbon 1.

Sincerely yours
Mohamed Elzagheid
Dear Sir,

Thank you for your comment.
Yes there are published papers on the 1'-fluoronucleosides but no applications yet. Applications-wise, there are not as important as the 2-fluoronucleosides.

Here are the references:
Kodama et al. Tetrahedron 62 (2006) 10011-10017, Tetrahedron Letters 47 (2006) 4429-4432, and Nucleic Acids Symposium 50 (2006) 3-4.

Best Regards,
Mohamed Elzagheid