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Experimental testing of material Mosten GB 005 on various concertation of recycled material
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1  Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies Technical University of Kosice with a seat in Presov, Bayerova 1, 080 01 Presov, Slovakia
2  Technical University of Liberec, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Studentská 2, Liberec, Czech Republic


Main objective of presented scientific article is to define mechanical properties of polypropylene Mosten GB 005 in dependence on prescribed precentral ratio of recycled regranulate. Polypropylene Mosten GB 005 is a general purpose homopolymer, intended for injection moulding and for production of thermoforming films. It can be also used for production of various compounds. Experimental verification of mechanical properties was realized by testing samples produced with various concentrations of the recycled material. Experimental samples were realized undergo tests to obtain mechanical properties of produced new material (on these tests were realized and evaluated rheological tests, tensile and flexural tests as well as hardness and Charpy impact toughness tests). Experimental samples were divided into 7 classes depend on percentage ratio of added recycled material into raw material concretely 0%,10%,20%,30%,50%,70% a 100 %. Mentioned mechanical tests were realized according to ISO standards valid for individual testing method. Each testing method was carried out using prescribed numbers of testing samples. The flexure test was realized on five experimental testing samples and subsequent tests were carried out on ten experimental samples from each class of produced material. Presented scientific article is also focused on changes in microstructures of testing materials in depends on percentage ratio of recycled regranulate. Recycled regranulate of thermoplastic was not necessity to additionally modify. Presented article also contain experimental verification of thermal properties using Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC).

Keywords: regranulate, mechanical properties, analysis, Mosten, microstructure