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A prototype web application package for basic DNA and protein analysis using R language
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1  Management and Science University,Malaysia


Analysis of DNA and protein has become a very important aspect in the field of research, especially for Bioinformatics. This is important as the basic analysis of these protein and DNA can lead to further advanced analysis of the sequence, which may lead to new discoveries. Basic analysis of sequences is done in the industry, research as well as education. R language is a statistical program that is used in the analysis of DNA and protein sequences, through the application of packages in the Comprehensive R Archive Network. This analysis package helps to analyze sequences, but in a command prompt analysis. However, the process is slow as the researcher has to enter several lines of codes to obtain the result for the analysis. The research is to develop a prototype web application package with an interactive new interface for the DNA and protein analysis. The prototype is fully coded in R with options to download the results as well as providing information about the codes being used for the analysis and the package reference. This application is made to assist in the sequence analysis of DNA and protein without having to write the codes. 

Keywords: R, Bioinformatics, sequence analysis, web application, statistics
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Gerardo Casañola-Martin
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A very interesting tool for the analysis of the basic DNA and the proteins. However I have some questions with the aim to improve the work. Do you use R as objective of comparison, but there other programming languajes that have implemented libraries specialized in Bionformatics like the case of Biopython for python, a simple language with a amenable library with many of this taks well implemented and of easy use.

Yoan Martínez López
Which is the package in R for obtaining these results?