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Complexity Analysis on Normal and Abnormal Electrogastrograms Using Tsallis Entropy
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1  B.S.Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology


Electrogastrograms (EGG) are electrical signals generated by the muscles of the stomach and the features of these signals can be used to diagnose several digestive disorders. Entropy is a measure of the disorder associated with a system and hence is a measure of complexity of the system. In medical diagnostics, entropy has proved to be an efficient feature for discriminating the normal and abnormal states of biological systems. In this work the EGG signals have been obtained from normal and abnormal subjects having different digestive abnormalities (diarrhea, vomiting and stomach ulcer), from a local hospital. Further, the Tsallis entropy associated with the collected signals has been analyzed. Results demonstrate that the Mean Tsallis Entropy (MTE) (with α=0.5) of the EGG signals obtained from normal individuals (MTE=313.861) is high when compared to the individuals having diarrhea (MTE=278.0259), vomiting (MTE=105.1278) and stomach ulcer (MTE=-839.201). Since, entropy is the complexity associated with the signal, it is found that the complexity of the normal EGG signals is high when compared to the abnormal EGG signals. This work appears to be of high clinical relevance, since feature extraction from EGG signals is highly useful for diagnosis of digestive abnormalities.

Keywords: entropy; Tsallis entropy; electrogastrograms; digestive disorders
Comments on this paper
Jan Naudts
Difference between Tsallis entropy and Renyi entropy
Can you give some details on how you calculate the mean of the entropy? Is it arithmetic mean? The formula you give for entropy is entropy of a probability distribution. How do you convert the signal into a probability distribution?
The Tsallis entropy is a monotone function of the Renyi entropy. Hence, any difference you see between the two must come from taking the mean.
Paramasivam Alagumariappan
I would like to thank you for raising this question. The mean entropy is actually the arithmetic mean of the entropy values of several EGG signals acquired from various patients in each class (normal, diarrhea, vomiting and stomach ulcer). The probability of the sampled EGG signal was computed using the histogram approach. Further, the entropy values are calculated using the probabilities.