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Chemical Interconversion of Azo and Hydrazodicarboxamide-based [2]Rotaxanes

The synthesis of novel hydrogen-bonded [2]rotaxanes having two pyridine rings into the macrocycle and azo and hydrazodicarboxamide-based templates decorated with four cyclohexyl groups is described. The different affinity of the binding sites for the benzylic amide macrocycle and the formation of programmed non-convalent interactions between the interlocked components have an important effect on the dynamic behavior of these compounds. Having this in mind, the chemical interconversion between the azo and hydrazo forms of the [2]-rotaxane was investigated to provide a chemically-driven interlocked system enable to switch its circumrotation rate as a function of the oxidation level of the binding site.

Keywords: azo compounds, template synthesis, rotaxanes, non-covalent interactions, switchable systems