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Effect of the ionic liquid [BMIN] [OTf] on germination and early growth of D. carota and A. sulcata and on soil microbial activity of an oakland.
* 1 , 2
1  Department of Functional Biology. Campus Vida. Santiago de Compostela University 15782 Santiago. Spain
2  Applied Physics Department. Campus Vida. Santiago de Compostela University 15782 Santiago. Spain


Although the ionic liquids (ILs) are considered as green solvents, mainly due to their negligible vapor pressure, the effects on the environment are scarcely studied.

In this work, effects of the IL 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium triflate, [BMIN] [OTf], on germination and on growth during the seedling stage of two herbaceous forest species with wide geographical distribution: Daucus carota L. and Avena sulcata (Gay ex Boiss.) was determined. Changes on soil microbial activity of Quercus robur L. oakland as consequence of the addition of different concentrations of this IL were also studied.

Different effects of this IL on plants and soil have been found. Thus, in terms of germination, the dose of 10% (of IL in distillated water) presented total inhibition in the germination of both species; whereas this dose presented a stimulant effect on soil microbial activity. The effect of IL on plant growth is similar to that obtained in the germination test. Concentration of 50% of IL provoked the total inhibition of the soil microbial activity.

Keywords: ionic liquids, plant germination, soil, microbial activity