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Application of Palladium Encapsulated MOF in Coupling Reaction
* 1 , * 2 , 3 , 3 , 4
1  Professor of Chemistry, Iran University of Science and Technology
2  Assistant Professor of Chemistry,Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch
3  Master student of Nano-Chemistry, Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch
4  PhD Student of Organic Chemistry, Iran University of Science and Technology


Metal Organic Frameworks(MOFs) are a compound of organic molecules and metal ions with regular structure and well-defined pores at the nano scale. They are crystalline materials with large internal surface areas and tunable chemical properties. Adsorption, separation and catalytic function of MOFs based on the size and shape of the pore and host-guest interactions are their functional application. In addition, MOFs have other applications such as bio/medicine, sensors and electronics which have attracted remarkable scientific interest in recent years. In this approach we have successfully encapsulated palladium nano particles in MOF and used it as catalyst in coupling reaction. This synthesis process could be achieved in one step through a simple temperature programming control without the addition of any external reducing agent.   

Comments on this paper
Salma Moosun
coupling reaction
My comment is mostly based on the Suzuki reaction.

With regards to Table 2, two parameters were changed at the same time (base ans solvent). so do we reach to a conclusive result for entries 1 and 2? or it is preliminary results?

"The yield of the Suzuki coupling reaction depends on the type of the aryl halide halogen and the positions electron-donating or withdrawing nature of the substituents on the reactants [35]."- there are no entries for that in your table to demonstrate that!!! how come?

"Results related to the optimized conditions for the Suzuki coupling reactions of different aryl halides with
benzeneboronic acid catalyzed by MOF supported Pd NPs (Pd@MOFs or Pd/MOFs) and Pd (II) complexes incorporated into some MOFs."- this sentence is very confusing!!!! what does it imply!!!