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An expedient synthesis of some new Pyrazole, Pyrazolone, Hydrazone and Thiosemicarbazide.
1  Department of Chemistry, JK. Lakshmipat University Jaipur (Raj) -302026, India


Malonamic acid, Malonamic acid hydrazide and Malonamic acid amide was designed and synthesized from direct condensation of diethyl malonate with m-NO2 primary aromatic aniline which used as precursor for synthesis of various possible bio active molecules. We also designed and synthesized the novel non cyclic and hetero cyclic compounds from  malonamic acid hydrazide like hydrazone, thiosemicarbazide, pyrazole and pyrazolone were achieved by a single step condensation reaction in good to excellent yields.  The simple starting materials, mild conditions, easy operation, high bioactivity of hydrazone, thiosemicarbazide, pyrazole and pyrazolone derivatives, this protocol has great potential in medicinal chemistry. All synthesized compounds evaluated for their antimicrobial activity and screening results are awaited. The structure elucidation of synthesized compounds was established on the basis of IR & NMR techniques (1H-NMR) and elemental analysis.

Keywords: Synthesis; Malonamic Acid Hydrazide; Hydrazone; Thiosemicarbazide; Pyrazole; Pyrazolone.