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Design and evaluation of sustainable low-temperature desalination systems
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1  Mississippi State University


The need for freshwater can never be over-stressed. Global agencies (including WHO, UNDP, UNICEF etc.) expect that 24 of the least developed countries, many of them along coastal areas without access to water and electricity, need to more than double their current efforts to reach the Millennium Development Goals for basic health, sanitation, and welfare. Desalination of available brackish or seawater sources is an ideal option for freshwater production. However, existing desalination technologies are energy-intensive and cost-prohibitive. Low temperature desalination using waste heat sources or solar collectors is an attractive option. Because the energy demands can be provided at low costs and with minimum environmental pollution. The main objective of this research is to investigate the technical feasibility of a multi-effect low temperature desalination process with higher thermodynamic efficiency and low environmental impact. Principles of operation, theoretical analyzes and experimental studies will be discussed in detail.