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Rule operation model for dams with gate-controlled spillways
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1  Technical University of Madrid. Department of Civil Engineering: Hyudraulics, Energy and Environment
2  Aquatec, proyectos para el Sector del agua, SAU, Spain
3  Politecnico di Torino


The study develops a rule operation model for gated spillways which improves the performance of the volumetric evaluation method (MEV). MEV was proposed by Giron (1988) and is largely used in common practice in Spain. The improvement was made by applying a corrective factor to the outflow discharge proposed by MEV method. The choice of the corrective factor was based on a multi-decision environment accounting for the number of improved cases and the amount of improvement. A Monte Carlo simulation environment was created to evaluate the method under a wide range of operating conditions. The environment includes the generation of storms and inflow hydrographs and their routing through the reservoir. The methodology was applied to the Talave basin, in the south-east of Spain. The improved method (called K method) was compared with other methods for the operation of gate-controlled spillways as the MEV and PLEM methods. The results showed that if the corrective factor K is higher than 1 the number of improved cases was significant, while if it is lower than 1 there was not improvement. The analysis of the relation between the return period and the devised method showed that by using the K method the percentage of improvement of both reducing maximum outflows and reducing maximum levels reached in the reservoir is greater for events with higher return periods than for the lower ones.

Keywords: Water management, gated spillways, dam safety, Monte Carlo
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