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The milk industry seen from the farms of producers in the Ecuadorian Amazon.
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1  Universidad Estatal Amazónica
2  Instituto Ciencia Animal


The food industry is important in the Ecuadorian Amazon, so it is necessary to characterize the processes that intervene in the quality and quantity of milk production. A survey was carried out in which 82 milk producing farms and 35 variables related to the processes of feeding, reproduction, production and animal health were analyzed, with an analysis of Principal Components that showed that the efficiency of production. Of milk is affected by three factors that influence 71% of the variance explained in the system and that relates variables to the productive and reproductive processes. The first component related to the variables, number of cows, calves, heifers, total births, births rate, load capacity of  system the explains the 47.53% of the accumulated variance, the second component inferred in the variables service period, calving-calving, and age at incorporation into reproduction. It is concluded that if production of milk in quantity and quality is desired for the industry, attention must be paid to processes related to production and reproduction on the farms of producers.


Keywords: Milk production, Principal Components, industry, farms