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Information as a Morpho-Ontological Process
1  Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


The debate about information is clearly ontological: how do we know what is real? Which is the object of our knowledge? Only after having clarified this point we can start epistemological debates, which at their turn, are part of the ontological perspective (about nature, knowledge, and the world itself, here the vicious circle). Therefore: things do not happen in the world, but happen in our minds. For that reason, information cannot be considered something real that is just expecting to be captured by some information-gatherer entity like a human being. At that point the multidimensional aspects related to information integration produced by some special entities, which at their turn are constrained by specific morphological aspects, reveal the conflictive nature of reality as information. In fact, it is a process.

Keywords: morho-ontology, information, heuristics, cognition, mind, time