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Phenomenological Reflection on Architectural VR Technology
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1  Xi'an Jiaotong University; Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology


Virtual reality architectural design can make people in the virtual building environment and even urban space, with different angles to peep or appreciate its external space and interior space dynamic image and layout features. It is produced by the integration, than the model or renderings more image, complete and vivid. Thus, VR technology to virtual reality and real boundaries have become "established facts", it seems to achieve a virtual and true seamless connection. From the cognitive point of view, this will make Cartesian "mind - the main" and Merleau - Ponty's "body - the main" trend of unity? Obviously, this problem must be from the human, technology and the relationship between the three aspects of the technical philosophy of phenomenological reflection.

Keywords: VR; visual perception; body – subject