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An Analysis of the Controversy between "Nominalism" and "Realism" in Middle Ages from the Perspective of Information Philosophy
1  College of Humanities and Social Sciences , Xi`an Jiaotong University


From the origin of ancient Greek philosophy to the philosophy of medieval ages, although it appeared the discussion of "nominalism" and "realism" in medieval times, the exploration of the concept of "objective but non-real" did not get further developed. From the view of the inherent integration of the unity of general rationality on science and philosophy, professor Wu Kun revived the concept of "objective but non-reality" and creatively developed his "philosophy of information" system. Because the existence of "objective but non-reality" is inherently a kind of "crossover" field in the traditional philosophy, it certainty solve the problems of traditional philosophy from the ontology, which will lead to the breakthrough in the fundamental paradigm in philosophy, and the philosophy begin its fundamental turn.

Keywords: Realism; Nominalism; Information Philosophy; Objective but Non-Substance; three forms of information