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Cursive script space-time evolution in In the perspective of information philosophy from early cursive calligraphy which is formed by the history of traditional
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In the perspective of information philosophy, This paper discusses Cursive script space-time evolution from a series of all-round information in calligraphy evolution about history tradition which based in keep often and knew change. In this paper, Dudu was thought to change brush method and standard cursive script. Cuiyuan was thought to organization cursive stipple the position relations, Words handwriting coherent leaded to A painting do not move. zhangzhi was thought to take shape yibishu that before and after the continuous problem caused in the calligraphy stroke order successively time irreversibility, causing the cursive handwriting the determination of the overall coherence. Three people tradition of inheritance relationships formed the earliest cursive script.  We can see clearly in the space-time evolution of calligraphy aesthetic realization path, which follow cursive old-information and productive cursive new-information and a series of all-round information evolution, from "often" to "change" to form a new "often". The complexity of Cursive script had matured in informational-assimilation and dissimilation. Finally it is inspired to the succession and development of contemporary calligraphy for aesthetic path of cursive script.

Keywords: Space-time evolution;Standard Cursive script;Bukeyi;Yibishu;Aesthetic path