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Factor neural network and information ecology
1  Shanxi University of Fiance and Economics


Factor space aims to describe the mathematical foundation of information science. Ecology is a new important branch of information science, factor neural network can be employed for information ecology.

Everything is the unity of the quality and quantity, quality refers the attributes of things. There are qualitative root, called factor. The first example of factor is the gene, called Mendel-factor in the beginning, Factor is the generalization of gene. Gene is the key that opens the door of biological information; factor is the key that opens the door of information and cognition science.

The human brain had the characteristic of factors, the sensory nerves of human brain is stratified according to characteristics; the phantom of knowledge in the brain is not empty, but was immobilized by synapses and synaptic tumor memory. Different people have different knowledge structure, which left a different form of memory, we can call the activity or ecology of brain cells. It is the material background of information ecology.

Data is the carrier of information; once data put in a factor space, the data shows its semantic information automatically. Factor space is the living space of data and the plate of information ecology.

A factorial neural network is a neural network simulating human brain, which simulates the knowledge generation and memory organization of human being. It is more close to information ecology. We will introduce the basic principle of factorial neural network related ecology in the paper.

Keywords: Biology neuron; Factor neuron (FN); Factor neuron network(FNN);