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A non-linear analogy procedure for gene repair
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1  Center for Data Mining and Systems Biology, College of Electrical Engineering, Zhejiang University


Non-coding DNA region takes an important role in genetic variations that affect human disease. Owing to the ECODE project, it is convenient for bioinformatics researchers to find informational content in non-coding DNA sequences. In this paper, for analogy of non-coding DNA sequences, logistic map is applied, which felicitously stimulates the chaotic behavior of gene. By this way, two statuses were set, healthy status and ill status, generated by logistic map with two different system parameters. And two sequences were set, healthy sequence and ill sequence. These two sequence had same length and initial value. However, every single piece of healthy sequence was in healthy status, while four fifth of the ill sequence was in healthy status and the one fifth was in ill status. To repair the ill part of ill sequence by replacing it with adaptive sequence, ill sequence’s healthy part nearby the ill part was compressed four times to generate a new sequence of same length of ill part. Displaying the ill part with the new sequence and conducting a similarity analysis between healthy sequence and repaired sequence, it is showed that the repaired sequence is highly similar to the health sequence. In fact, as to this gene repair, by using healthy neighbor to replace ill part is essentially repairing the system parameter. This indicates that changing the parameter of a body system will change the status inside body. This concept may provide a new direction to biomedical study.

Keywords: Non-coding DNA sequences; Gene repair; Logistic map; Similarity analysis.