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Error Resilient Video Coding for Wireless Visual Sensor Network
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1  College of Electronic Information Engineering, Sichuan University
2  Faculty of Computer Science, University of Sunderland


This work proposes an error-resilient video coding scheme for improving the ecosystem of Wireless Visual Sensor Network (WVSN). In order to optimize the video information communication over WVSN, this work first provides a discussion on ecology technology model of video transmission in the WVSNs. And then proposes a Distributed Video Parallel Coding scheme, which make use of the correlation of video information in the decoder side, to cope with the loss of video data over wireless error-prone channel. Specifically, this work proposes a Partition Irregular Repeat Accumulate codec, which exhibits better error resilience performance and obtain the same compression ratio with traditional video coding method. The experimental results indicate that the performance of the proposed Distributed Video Parallel Coding scheme is promising and can better optimize the ecosystem of video communication over WVSN.

Keywords: Wireless Visual Sensor Network, DJSCC, Error Resilience Video Coding