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The universe is an information ecosystem
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The universe is a constantly evolving information ecosystem, which originates from the information as the energy (the essence of information is energy), thus forming the material, life, spirit and other elements of the universe.There are only two kinds of basic objective existence, such as information (energy) and limiting particle, which constitute the myriad things in universe.
Information is the representation of energy. Information and energy are both non material and objective existence. They have identity.The information of subjectivity is also composed of quantum sequences.Humans consume a lot of energy in thinking, which also proves the identity of information and energy.Simple information does not exist and is only possible through the medium of energy. Information and energy constitute the two sides of an entity, which embodies the identity of information and energy. The fact of the interconversion between matter and energy also establishes a connection between.them.
Information is the origin of matter.In terms of objectivity, matter itself is a set of information (energy) and substance is information aggregation according to the equation of mass energy conversion,.In terms of subjectivity, mankind can only understands the material world through information. While human being is going far to uncover the mystery of matter, our understanding of matter is limited to the information presented by itself. Matter shows the quality, time, space, and these three aspects are also derived from information. The concepts of time and space in human’s understanding are just the results of interaction of subjective and external information. Therefore, information displays space and time emerges in the process of information. Time is a successive state of information.

This article unifies the nature, the information (energy), the society, the spirit through the information origin theory, the limiting particle theory, the main body program theory. Thus it is called unified information theory.

Keywords: information, energe, matter, limiting particle,main body program