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Information, Constraint and Meaning from the pre-biotic world to a possible post human one. An Evolutionary approach
1  Independant scholar


The presentation proposes to complement an existing development on meaning generation for animals, humans and artificial agents by looking at what could have existed at prebiotic times and what could be a post-human meaning generation.
Meanings do not exits by themselves. The core of the approach is based on an existing model for meaning generation: the Meaning Generator System (MGS). The MGS is part of an agent submitted to an internal constraint. The MGS generates a meaningful information (a meaning) when it receives information that has a connection with the constraint. The generated meaning is used by the agent to implement an action (external or internal) aimed at satisfying the constraint. The action can be physical, biological or mental.
The purpose of the presentation is to widen the MGS approach in order to reach a coverage for information, constraint and meaning starting at a pre-biotic level and going up to a possible post-human one.
We begin by presenting the MGS for animals, humans and artificial agents with the corresponding constraints ( We then look at what could have been a local constraint at a pre-biotic far from thermodynamic equilibrium level ( and propose a possible post-human status by an evolution of the anxiety management processes ( ,
Such approach makes available links between information science and physics, evolution, anthropology, semiotics and human mind.
Continuations are proposed.

Keywords: information, meaning , constraint, locality, evolution, pre-biotic, post-human, self-consciousness, anxiety management