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Information Philosophy Analysis of Traditional Culture Factors Affect Behavior
1  Xi'an Jiaotong University, Shaanxi, China


The existence of the cultural phenomenon indicates that social psychological patterns or behavior break through the scope of individual activities. Social group has its own "information", and the "information" dominates the psychology and action of individual.

Person is multidimensional existencethe existence of the society, and the condensation of social relations. People create the products of the world through their social practical activities, and it is also a way of information evolution...The evolution of the person's physical, psychological, behavior growing in evolution of command and control base on information.

Cultural elements, such as values, norms, customs, material culture, etc, have certain influence to the behavior all respectively. As a profound cultural background of the Chinese nation traditional culture, with a strong penetration and integration ability, cannot simply be critical or inheritance. East and west cultural exchange and collision increasingly commonplace today, the modern people, especially teenagers have changed a lot, so this is a new trend of our modern people's psychological and behavioral development. How to make full use of the centripetal force of traditional culture, and promote the health civilized practices of the social life is an important topic.

Keywords: Information; Culture; Society