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The meaning of Information Civilization and Its Contemporary Value
1  Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences


The information civilization is neither a consequence of industrial civilization, nor an extension of industrial civilization. It is a new form of civilization. It challenges the ideas which were based on industrial civilization, and reshapes the way of how we observe the world, how we make decisions, how we think, play, educate and so on. It will break the structures which formed on the basis of industrial civilization. The root of industrial civilization lies on the separation between science and faith. Science is regarded as a tool to control the world where we are living. Therefore the industrial civilization is a civilization that aims to pursue the maximized personal material interests. The root of information civilization, by contrast, lies on the interconnection based on the information technology. This paper will discuss the meaning of information civilization by comparing the differences between information civilization and industrial civilization and then reveal the contemporary values.

Keywords: meaning;Information; Civilization ; Value