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A Study on Information Thoughts of Mohism in Pre-Qin Period
1  Xi'an Jiaotong University


The information thoughts does not originate from modern science and technology. The simple information thoughts germinated in the splendid human ancient philosophies, including ancient Greek philosophies, ancient Indian philosophies and ancient Chinese philosophies. The pre-Qin thoughts and philosophies is the origin of Chinese culture and also is a very important part of ancient world culture. This article focuses on the pre-Qin Chinese philosophy school-Mohism, because, compared to other pre-Qin schools, the Mohism, inaugurated by Mo-tse, relatively paid more attention to the study of natural science. The theories and ideas about primitive elements of the universe, natural laws and correspondence between man and nature in Mohism embody abundant and profound information ideas and information thinking mode.


Keywords: pre-Qin; Mohism; information philosophy