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Informational Productivity-the Productivity of Sustainable Development
1  School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi‘an City, Shaan’xi Province, China. 710049


The significant breakthrough and innovation obtained by modern information science and technology enable the “information” gradually become the internal driving force of economy development and social progress, causing a great advance of the productivity of modern society, and the information technology quickly transform into the actual productivity-informational productivity. From the perspective of dual-evolution of material world and informational world presented by information philosophy, and through using the information thinking mode and treating the “information” as a way of existence, this article will discuss the evolution of informational productivity and its role for sustainable development society.

First, this article will summarize the development process of productivity theories, and will analyze the formation conditions and the evolution process of informational productivity; second, it will expound that the informational productivity is a brand-new productivity form that is different from material productivity and spiritual productivity; third, it will make a dialectical analysis on the systematic, static and dynamic characters, properties and the inherent operation laws of the elements in the structure of informational productivity. At last, this paper will advocate that the realization of informational productivity will depends on the actual conditions, including economy, politics and cultural environments and so on, and will conclude that developing the information productivity is an inevitable road to realize the sustainable development society.

Keywords: information; productivity; information productivity; sustainable development