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Personal Data Protection Strategy Research Based on the Theory of Information Ecology
1  Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development


 This paper introduces the core ideas of the information ecological theoryanalyzes the report recently released by British House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee namedCyber Security: Protection of Personal Data Onlineby information ecological theory framework including information man and information circumstanceelaborates the roles and ecological niches of the UK's Information Commissioner's Office, TalkTalk and its users, third-party partner agencies, and public safety agencies in the personal data protection ecosystem,summarizes it's experiences and practices in this theory frame;On this basis, the article analyzes the existing problems of online personal data protection ecosystems,such as ecological chain fragmentation and ecosystem imbalance;Then this work tries to find the possible cause of the problem,establishes personal data protection macro mechanism and proposes appropriate countermeasures.

Keywords: Big data;Personal Data Protection;Information Security;Information Ecology;Data Branches;Cyber Security: Protection of Personal Data Online;British Experience