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Information and Meaning in Deterministic Chaos: A Blochian Perspective
* 1 , * 2
1  University of Applied Sciences, Munich (Germany); Clare Hall, UK - Cambridge
2  School of Liberal Arts, Renmin University, Beijing


Recently, in his 2012 PhD thesis, Craig Hammond has given interesting insight into a possible relationship of Ernst Bloch’s philosophy of the utopian shining forth of future projects on the one hand and the modern theory of deterministic chaos and fractal geometry on the other.[1] Concentrating in particular onto the Blochian concept of the Lived Moment, the emergence of information and meaning is discussed within this context. The idea is to find an onto-epistemic basis for the foundation of human reflexion centred on both rational and irrational discourse strategies within the objective as well as subjective frameworks of given world-views.

[1] Towards a neo-Blochian theory of complexity, hope, and cinematic utopia. Lancaster University.

Keywords: utopia, shining forth, lived moment, chaos, fractal geometry, information, meaning