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Changes in Diurnal Temperature and Precipitation Extremes in North Central Region of Nigeria

Global warming and changes in precipitation patterns are among the major effects of climate change. In this study, the long-term variability in ambient surface temperature and precipitation were evaluated in the north central region of Nigeria (Abuja, Kogi, Kwara, Niger, and Plateau) using meteorological observations obtained from 1975-2008. Daily precipitation data from synoptic weather stations were carefully quality-controlled using the RClimdex 1.1 developed by Expert Team on Climate Change Detection, Monitoring and Indices (ETCCDMI). The quality-controlled dataset were homogenized using RHtestsV4 and the detected change points were adjusted. Results showed a decrease in cool nights and cool days (TN10P, TX10P), and increasing trend in warm nights and days (TN90P, TX90P). The trend in rainfall is variable compared to changes in temperature. The precipitation indices indicated increasing trend in total annual precipitation (PRCPTOT), and a significant decrease in the number of consecutive wet days (CWD) in this region. In general, regional changes in climate temperature and precipitation extremes were significant (p<0.05) and could result in serious climate induced effects.

Keywords: Climate change, RClimdex, RHtests, daily precipitation, daily temperature, Climate trends