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Plant growth estimation combined with robust field monitors and micro-fluidic model simulating plant vascular system
1  The University of Tokyo


Agriculture of the digital era is going through radical technological changes. Many efforts have been made to make the most of the potential offered by plants and to understand processes happening inside an individual plant. The final goal of our project is to build a “smart field” capable of monitoring the growth process and of controlling the plant growth (Fig.1). To achieve it, we are going to develop an ultra-small nutrients analyzer, a compact 3D-monitor, and an ultra-light environment sensor (light intensity, temperature, humidity, CO2, etc.), which can be installed near plants. Accordingly, plant growth estimation technologies based on micro-fluidic circuit model simulating plant vascular system are being developed. The model will be frequently corrected by using updated data given by those monitors. Furthermore, by making use of the estimation technologies, we try to find out suitable cultivation condition for producing plants having aimed characters. 

This research is supported by JST CREST Grant Number JPMJCR154.